Martin and Mary Holleran – Testimonial

Dear Jan and Tom

I would like to acknowledge in writing my thoughts expressed to both of you during various conversations. You, of course, have the permission of both Mary and me to use us as references and the information below as you see fit.

First, yesterday I was released from care by my surgeon, thank the […]

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Knights of Columbus – Testimonial


I am a field agent for the Knights of Columbus serving the financial protection needs of Catholic families in the surrounding communities of Vero Beach, Ft Pierce and Okeechobee.

One of the products we offer is Long Term Care Insurance which pays for home health care. Champion is considered a “preferred provider” to the Knights of […]

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Why we are so concerned with the welfare of our clients

A serious personal illness, or an illness of a close family member, can be a life changing event. The many choices that must be made during these difficult times, may very well determine the outcome. My leaving a career of 20+ years as a hospital administrator, and […]

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