Dear Jan and Tom

I would like to acknowledge in writing my thoughts expressed to both of you during various conversations. You, of course, have the permission of both Mary and me to use us as references and the information below as you see fit.

First, yesterday I was released from care by my surgeon, thank the Good Lord.

Tom, your total dedication to me during all facets of my illness was outstanding. As with most of your patients I have high expectations of the care I will receive from all medical professionals upon whom I rely. You, personally, skyrocketed through the Bar I set.

While I don’t want to pick and choose situations, I must point out your kindness in retrieving me from Jupiter Medical Center on such short notice when Mary had her unanticipated conflict. You have no idea how I wanted out. I think I would have walked.

Next the professional skills, ability, shown by Principal Nurse Jane Huntsinger, Supervising Nurse Angela and Relief Nurse Rene, whose last names unfortunately escape me, weere also outstanding. As our relationship grew, I came to value them, particularly Jane, more and more as sucessful recovery continued. Their practical advice and empathy while retaining their professional manner was extremely valuable and well received. I don’t think this was something in which they weree trained, but was just inherent in their caring natures.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for your personal concern and your professional care.