Many elderly individuals perceive hospitalization as a one way trip. In other words, they stringently avoid going to the hospital for fear of dying there. If you, or a loved one, are faced with inevitable hospitalization, then do plan on having someone stay with you at the hospital. It is easier to face a fearful situation when you do not have to do it alone.

An excellent consolation is to have a bedside companion at the hospital. Private duty help, either an aide or a nurse, can provide emotional support to the patient, while staying close by. The private duty attendant can give one-on-one attention that is not available from the hospital staff. The bedside nurse or aide can provide continuous companionship for the patient and round-the-clock coverage. This is a big benefit because most hospitals curtail visiting hours to only half days. Private duty are allowed to stay with the patient at all times, without “visiting hours” restrictions. A very good plan that gives peace of mind to both the patient and the family is to schedule the private duty help overnight at the hospital. If the family is unable to cover the daytime hours, then the attendant can cover this as well.

Another benefit of having an aide or a nurse at the hospital is that those same caregivers can follow you home and continue your care there. This eases a patient’s fear of how he or she will cope with his or her convalescence at home. The caregiver can help pack up and transport the patient back home. The first few weeks back home from the hospital are very busy! Extra help is very important! The helpfulness of the caregiver expands tremendously once the patient arrives back home. The caregiver can fetch medications and pharmacy supplies. The caregiver can make meals and help with grocery shopping. The caregiver can set up the patient’s bedroom or dayroom for convalescence and comfort. The caregiver can help set follow-up Doctor’s appointments and transport the patient to the Doctor’s office.

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