All elderly patients coming back home from the hospital need home care. This is a must! Sometimes, a family member is available to perform caregiving duties. If you are faced with this situation, make a quick list of any family members that you can count on to help. Unfortunately, your name may be the only one on the list! Yikes! Before you family member leaves the hospital, make sure that the home care arrangements are in place. Champion Home Health Care, Inc. can help guide you through this situation. We can recommend the type of care that is best for you and your family.

Just the other day, a gentleman called me for assistance. His wife was in the hospital. For the entire time she was gone, the husband had only opened the refridgerator to get some soda. This was the extent of his homemaking skills! Needless to say, assistance with meal preparation was high on their list of things they wanted the home health aide to do. When I visited the couple at the hospital, the wife was due to go home that same afternoon. I arranged for a Champion aide to be at their home, waiting for them. The aide was instructed to immediately prepare a menu and shopping list, then return to the clients’ home and start cooking! The husband smiled when he heard this. He stated, “I’m hungry right now! I am really looking forward to a good dinner tonight!”

Depending on you situation, you may only need care for a week or so. Nevertheless, this is your time to heal and recover. It is wise to take it easy and let someone help you during this period. For most people, a home health aide is the perfect solution!

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