Proactive seniors are changing the home health care industry! Older Americans are dissatisfied and uncertain with what the government may or may not provide for them in home health care benefits. More and more seniors have taken control of their health care needs by purchasing home health care insurance policies.

This trend has dramatically changed how home health care is paid for. The other significant change created by seniors is the dramatic increase in the utilization of their policies. There are many seniors, however, who own policies but are not sure how to use them effectively.

* How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Home Health Care Policy:

1) Self-Determination – Decide for yourself when you need care and assistance in your home. Do not allow your insurance company, their case mangers, or your doctor to control if you get care and how much.

2) Choose Your Own Home Health Care Agency – Call the agency yourself, make arrangements for care, and establish that you are in charge. Give the agency all of your policy information (policy number, name of your insurance company, phone number, your daily benefit amount). Expect the agency to take care of the arrangements in order to bill to your policy.

3) Beware of Insurance Case Managers – These nurses work for the insurance company as “gate keepers”. Their role is to limit your care and cut it off as soon as possible. Ask your home health care agency to strongly advocate for your needs and let them deal with the case manager.

4) Benefits – Use It Or Loose It – Most policies are structured so that if you use less help than you are allowed, then you forfeit that money. Do not self-sacrifice in an effort to “save” benefits for the future. Get as much help as you need. Your home health care agency can tell you how many hours per day and days per week your policy will cover.

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