Most of us initially put a lot of effort into researching the costs and benefits of an insurance policy – at the time we purchase it. Then we pretty much forget about it, until, of course, we actually need to use the insurance. Home Health Care insurance is very easy to dismiss, especially when the thought of using it conjures up frightening images of illnesses. Most clients that I interview know they purchased a home health care policy, but cannot always remember their benefits. When the time comes for you to use your policy, always select a home health care agency or nurse registry that is experienced and willing to research your policy.

You also deserve to deal with a home health care agency or nurse registry that understands how to access your policy benefits. Of great importance is the agency’s ability to translate your particular illness and needs to the prerequisite “triggers” for activation of benefits in your policy. Just because a company is licensed to provide home health care does NOT also mean that the company is successful in collecting claims payments from an insurance company! From a provider’s point of view, I know that many insurance companies, and especially their case managers, can be relentless in their efforts either not to pay a claim, or pay as little as possible, and always as late as possible!

Beware of the insurance company’s “provider lists.” Why? Because the insurance company has already negotiated the cheapest deal for themselves, before offering this pre-selected menu to you. In other words, do you want the cheapest of care or the best of care? It is worthwhile for you to call several home health care agencies or nurse regisrties yourself, and compare which is best for you. You have the right to choose for yourself. That is one benefit that the insurance company cannot take away from you!

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