Have you ever noticed how the majority of us attempt to handle difficult situations independently until the weight of our burden overwhelms us and forces us to seek outside assistance? For some, it seems, never asking for help is considered a virtue. We’re taught to “pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps” and that “God helps those who help themselves.” While hard work and wise choices in life are definitely traits to be admired, promptly reaching out to others in times of need will prove to be a more beneficial choice than suffering alone.

One of the best ways to receive education, supportive feedback, resources for assistance, and stress relief is to attend a support group specific to the area of struggle you are going through. In my experience as a facilitator for Alzheimer’s support groups, I have heard caregivers express how grateful they are to the group for the release that talking to others who truly understand provides. Some say the group is their only “social” time of the week. Support groups become a close-knit group of friends and confidants.

Many organizations throughout the area host disease or issue-specific support groups. The yellow pages and/or internet should make this search easy. From groups for family caregivers to groups for those who are suffering from anxiety – there is something for everyone who is looking for listening ears and compassionate hearts. Remember, for our very best life, we need each other!

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