There was a shocking news report recently about a Boca Raton woman, who tried to kill her invalid mother, in order to eliminate her burden of taking care of her mother. Yikes! This gives a whole new definition to the term “caregiver burnout.” The daughter attempted to set her mother’s bedroom on fire, and prevented other family members from trying to rescue the mother!

All caregivers are susceptible to periods of extreme stress, anger, and self pity. “I can’t take it any longer!” is a frequent statement. Family caregivers are the most vulnerable. They can feel trapped in their obligations to care for a loved one. Professional caregivers can also reach a breaking point; however, they have the option of quitting and choosing a less demanding job.

The key to preventing caregiver burnout is implementing periods of respite. This can entail short daily breaks in the caregiver’s schedule; regular days off each week; and extended time off, such as vacation. Substitute caregivers need to be in place to provide care and supervision in the absence of the primary caregiver. A good source for professional caregivers is a licensed home health agency.

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