Seniors are most susceptible to medication hazards. People over the age of 65 consume 25% of all the prescription medications sold. This number is greatly inflated when the senior consumption of over-the-counter vitamins, aspirin, and other remedies are added. A recent poll suggests 75% of people purchase homeopathic remedies, either as an alternative to prescriptions or as an additive to what the doctor prescribes.

Seniors are more vulnerable to the effects of medications. One factor is the amount of body fat, which adversely effects the absorption and storage of medications within the body. Seniors, on average, have a higher percentage of body fat than that of younger people. Another negative factor is an older body’s reduced ability to internally cleanse itself. The liver, the kidneys, and the colon work very hard to rid the body of adverse reactions to medications.

You can avoid becoming ill from the pills by being careful! First of all, check with your physician and pharmacist before taking homeopathic and over-the-counter remedies. Mixing and matching these with prescriptions can be dangerous! The same goes for drinking alcohol while taking medications. Always take the pills the way the doctor tells you! If you have a desire to make changes, please call your doctor first and discuss the problem. If you miss a dose or more, call your doctor. The solution may be more complicated than simply doubling the next dose. Keep your medicine cabinet up to date. Throw out items that exceed the expiration date. Throw out pills that you no longer take. Don’t treat your medicine cabinet like a spice rack! Also, keep your medications separate from other family members’ pills.

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