The old man sat in his favorite chair, smiling favorably at his visitor. “You are such a pretty girl. Have I met you before?” he asked of his companion. “Yes, Daddy,” she replied. The girl is fifty-eight years old. She takes hold of her father’s hand and returns his warm smile. She visits her father every Sunday, in spite of a two-hour commute. I may not remember who you are or what you told me, but I will remember how you made me feel.

“It is not unusual for my husband not to recognize me,” declared the wife. She is his full-time caregiver. My secret in coping is to keep up my sense of humor. “The funniest episode involved my husband’s hallucination of his high school sweetheart. He romanced her before he met me.” “ One night he said to me, ‘You have to leave! Ruth is going to marry me. She is sitting right here and she wants you to leave us.’ ” “Before I could ponder how to respond, my husband announced another bombshell!” said the wife. “Ruth and I want to use the bedroom soon, she you have to leave now!” he exclaimed. “I privately thought, ‘ I’d like to tell you where to go!’ ” “Instead, I asked slyly, ‘Does Ruth know that you are already married?’ ” He replied, “I am? To whom?” I answered triumphantly, “To me.” The husband looked confused. He asked, “Who’s idea was that?” I answered, “Yours, dear.” He appeared to mull this over for a minute. Then he said, “I guess I can’t marry Ruth then.” Then he looked at me with a sheepish grim and asked, “Do you want to marry me?” I replied, “That’s OK with me!”

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