In the winter season there are two types of people: those who are IN FLORIDA and those who WISH they were! Many loyal, seasonal residents are the founders of their Florida communities, migrating every year for decades. The yearning to travel continues, even if one’s health isn’t as good as it used to be. I spoke to an adult daughter recently, who cares for her mom “up North.” She explained that her Mom had missed several seasons in Florida due to illness. Now, she was feeling better and wanted to visit her South Florida home, if only for a month or so. The daughter liked the idea of a respite from her caregiving duties. Her dilemma was securing an out-of-state caregiver for her mother.

I reassured the daughter that a suitable, seasonal caregiver could be arranged in advance of the trip and over the phone. Calling a home health care agency or nurse registry for a seasonal companion is as easy as calling a travel agency for a vacation! Another caregiver/daughter came up with a real “win-win” idea. She, her octogenarian mom, and her husband hopped in their motor home and headed South. They rendezvoused with the seasonal companion at the mother’s Florida condo. After a day of orientation with the new aide, the daughter and son-in-law resumed their motor vacation alone. They planned to pick up mom on the return journey in a month or so.

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