We can never be too prepared for a hurricane or other disaster. We should be ready to survive at least three days without power or access to stores. This requires plenty of clean water, food which doesn’t require refrigeration or cooking, an extra supply of medications, as well as items needed for hygiene.

In addition to preparation of this type, those who are at risk, such as the sick and aging, require an extra measure of assistance from a caregiver. Home health agencies and Nurse Registries are required to have an emergency plan on file for each and every person served. The plan should include whether these individuals need to have their caregivers with them throughout the storm, or if they will be staying with family members/friends. If living in an evacuation area, the location each person will evacuate to must be included in the plan, as well.

Ways that Champion Home Health can help you:

1. Provide you with a list of emergency management telephone numbers, area shelters, and maps.

2. Provide you with instructions on how you can prepare a disaster supplies kit in advance.

3. Help you with registering in advance for a special needs shelter, if needed. (If you require a continuous supply of electricity for life sustaining equipment, such as oxygen or if you suffer with dementia, you could be eligible.)

4. Discuss your emergency plan with you, before, during , and after the event to ensure your safety.

5. Provide you with a caregiver before, during, and after the emergency.

What your Champion caregiver can do for you in advance of a hurricane:

1. Shop for needed supplies.

2. Pick up prescriptions.

3. Provide transportation to a shelter or other place of safety.

4. Make necessary preparations such as filling tub with water, placing flashlights

throughout the house, etc.

5.Stay and care for you or your loved one throughout the emergency (in your home or a shelter).

6. Fill up your car with fuel.

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